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David Hillman, LMT
Corrective Bodywork for Pain Management

What Clients Say

AFTER EXPERIENCING A BAD FALL which injured my hip, I tried many types of natural healing methods, but nothing was actually pinpointing the deep tissue injury I had.  When I came across David Hillman, the healing began.  I found David's appraoch different from other massage therapists I had worked with.  He was able to target my deep injury and through very gentle manipulation and stretching, David brought resolution to the 2 years of pain and disability I was experiencing.  David fully assesses and treats the whole body for an overall feeling of deep well being, balance and synergy.  He comes highly recommend especially for people desiring structural massage!

Barbara E., Salida, Colorado


AFTER MY BACK SURGERY, I was looking for a neuro-muscular therapist to help me recover and get active again. I was referred to David by a friend. He turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. David is a master at finding every knot and trigger point in my body. The therapy sessions have been the highpoints in my recovery so far and I feel better for days afterward. Because I had back problems for almost 20 years, I expected my recovery from ADR surgery would long and difficult. I have no doubt that my recovery has been much easier and faster due to David’s expertise. At 4 months post surgery, I feel better than I have in years and the accumulated dysfunction of several decades continues to improve with every session. Whether recovering from injury, accident, or surgery, or if you just want to move better, I wholeheartedly recommend David. His work continues to exceed my expectations.

Jim W., Salida, Colorado


I WAS BORN WITH HEREDITARY SPASTIC PARAPLEGIA, a disorder that causes my body below the waist to spastically contract and limit my mobility.  Many with this disorder allow it to progressively impact their lives, resulting in permanently being bound to a wheelchair or even a bed.  I refuse to let that happen to me, but that means I have to deal with a lot of pain to stay mobile.  I began seeing David to address the pain, and have found not only relief but increased mobility.  Now I know I can keep moving forward with increased comfort and promise of a more normal life.

Janet Yates, Crestone Colorado